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How the Polish Created Canada
How the Polish Created Canada Cover
For generations, the Polish have been among the top 10 immigrants to Canada. With them has come their rich culture, religious strength and steadfast work ethic, which have all contributed to many outstanding achievements in the development of our country.

Andrzej Wilk, or Andre Loup as he was called, was the first Pole to come to Canada in 1687 when it was still New France. Casimir Gzowski, great-grandfather of the well-known CBC personality Peter Gzowski, was a Polish Canadian engineer and businessman who built the park around Niagara Falls as well as railways, bridges and roads. The highest decoration awarded by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers was named in his honour.

World War II placed enormous demands on Canada; to fulfill them, the country required help, and it came from Polish engineers and technicians. When the war ended, Polish veterans immigrated to Canada, and they proved their worth. In its last flight, Polish test pilot Jan Zurakowski flew the legendary Canadian jet fighter Avro Arrow. And, thanks to Polish engineer Peter Brzozowicz, the Toronto CN Tower still stands on firm foundations regardless of the winds.

Canada owes a debt to Polish Canadians for Medicare and multiculturalism, beautiful music and the ''black gold'' hewn from its coalmines, for the Queen's Plate horse race and delicious cuisine. This book will give you a taste of just how the Polish created Canada.

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