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From Dogtown to the X-Games
Skateboarding Cover
From ''skurfing'' to the X-Games, from the streets to the Mega Ramp--Skater's Rule!

* In the early days, enthusiasts would slap together their own boards using wooden boards and wheels pirated from roller skates
* A Southern California drought gives rise to the pool-riding craze of the '70s
* The Zephyr team cements skateboarding's reputation as an outsider activity
* Eleven-year-old Alan Gelfand of Florida invents a trick that changes everything
* The Bones Brigade becomes the dominating force in the sport
* Rodney Mullen rules the world of freestyle skateboarding
* Tommy Guerrero, Mark Gonzales and the other pioneers of the '80s take skateboarding back to the streets
* Videos showcasing skateboarding's newest and hottest tricks push the sport to as-yet-unseen heights of gnarliness and technical wizardry
* Tony Hawk makes skateboarding history when he lands the elusive 900 at the X-Games
* Danny Way shatters distance records and becomes the first person ever to jump the Great Wall of China on a skateboard.

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