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Weird Facts About Canadian Football
Strange, Wacky & Hilarious Stories
Weird Facts About Canadian Football Cover
Football has been part of Canada’s sporting heritage since 1861, when the first documented game was played at the University of Toronto. WEIRD FACTS ABOUT CANADIAN FOOTBALL collects hundreds of the screwball, outlandish and just plain strange events that have worked their way into football history since that first game:

• The 1912 Grey Cup game between Toronto and Hamilton was delayed for an hour while officials looked
for a football until a dressing room door was kicked in and the precious pigskin was found
• Ottawa Renegades president Lonie Glieberman resigned in 2005 after a public uproar when he
approved Mardi Gras Madness, a promotion that encouraged female fans to expose their breasts
during a game
• In 2006, the Toronto Argonauts welcomed American star running back Ricky Williams to their team,
even though the NFL had suspended him after his fourth substance abuse violation
• In 1995, the Baltimore Stallions won the Grey Cup as Canada’s best football team, the first and only
American franchise to win the trophy
• In 1984, Winnipeg Blue Bombers general manager Paul Robson left the Grey Cup behind after an
indoor celebration at the Winnipeg Arena, but when he rushed back the trophy was still at center stage
in the silent, empty rink
• For decades the CFL struggled to explain why in just a nine-team league there were two franchises,
Ottawa and Saskatchewan, which were both called the Roughriders
• In 1969, the Grey Cup was stolen from the trophy case at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, and a ransom
letter demanded a large sum of money
• The week before the 1939 Grey Cup in Toronto, the weather turned wet and then cold. In an attempt
to soften the rock-hard turf, the grounds crew poured 400 gallons of gasoline on the field and set it
ablaze the day before the game.

And many more off-the-wall stories about Canada’s unique football history.

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