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Hockey Firsts
Inventions, Innovations, Records & Milestones
Hockey Firsts Cover
The stories behind the many Hockey Firsts:
- The rubber puck was invented when a angry arena manager became tired of fixing the windows smashed by the local Montreal teams’ lacrosse; his solution—cut the ball at both sides to make a flat disc
- The Montreal Canadiens won the most Stanley Cups, but the first team ever to celebrate winning the famous silver bowl was another Montreal team in 1893—the Montreal Amateur Athletics Association (AAA).
- Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jacques Plante who wore the first goalie mask but Clint Benedict
- Fifty goals in 50 games has always been the ultimate target that many thought was impossible to attain until Maurice Richard scored 50 goals in 50 games in the 1944–45 season
- Bobby Orr’s most impressive achievement was scoring 139 points in the 1970–71 season for the Boston Bruins, the first defenseman in the NHL to do so
- Although it only happened once, Lester Patrick was the first coach to play in goal, in a Stanley Cup playoff game no less
- In the history of the NHL every number from 00 to 100 has been worn except one until Guillaume Latendresse of the Montreal Canadiens donned the number 84 jersey.

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