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A History of Hockey in Canada
A History of Hockey in Canada Cover
When British soldiers began settling in early Canada, their sporting traditions blended with a Mi'kmaq game to create a new sport that evolved into hockey. A History of Hockey in Canada traces hockey's roots from those first steps on the frozen ponds of eastern Canada to the modern game we know and love:

-- Games that were the precursors to modern hockey were oochamkunutk (Mi'kmaq), shinty (Scottish), hurling (Irish) and bandy (English)

-- From the ponds of Windsor, Nova Scotia, to Kingston, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, a new game evolved, and in March 1875, the first organized game of hockey was played in Montreal

-- The Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia were the first popular craftsmen of sticks; their MicMac brand was the stick of choice for professional hockey players until the early 20th century

-- The first goalposts were often set parallel to the length of the playing surface, to make it more difficult to score since there was no goalie

-- Referees first used cowbells to call plays, and only switched to whistles when people began bringing their own cowbells to games

-- The first organized game of women's hockey took place in the late 1880s in Ottawa

-- Goalie Jacques Plante was the first to use a mask regularly after taking a puck to the face on November 1, 1959

-- The NHL was formed in November 1917 with four hockey clubs -- the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers and Toronto Arenas -- and today the league has expanded to 30 NHL teams.

A must for the hockey fan. Anyone fascinated by Canada's sports history will want to have this book.

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