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Michigan Sports Trivia
Michigan Sports Trivia Cover
Bringing together stories of athletic heroics, hard-fought rivalries, memorable characters and unforgettable moments, Michigan Sports Trivia combines the quirky, the comical and the unusual:

* Detroit Tigers outfielder Gate Brown once slid into second base with a hot dog in his pocket

* Fans of the Detroit Red Wings have made a tradition out of throwing an octopus on the ice for good luck during playoff games

* The Detroit Pistons drafted point guard Dave Bing in 1966 after losing a coin toss; he eventually became a seven-time All-Star

* The University of Michigan boasts three Heisman Trophy winners and a lineman named Gerald Ford who became President of the United States

* At a 1969 PGA Tour event held in Michigan, players were promised a total purse of $100,000 with $20,000 and a car for the winner, but the sponsors didn't have enough money to follow through

* To most people, The Flintstones was an animated television show, but to Michigan State basketball fans, the Flintstones were the hub of a national championship team

* In 1959, ''Queen of Bowling'' Marion Ladewig became the first woman to be named to the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.

And many moreÖ

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