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Michigan Sports Trivia

Chip Mundy,
chip_mundy, Photo CHIP MUNDY was born and raised in Jackson, MI, where he is a former sports writer and current copyeditor at the Jackson City Patriot. He has won several awards for his stories and most recently placed fifth nationally in the Best Game Story category of the Associated Press Sports Editors challenge. In the span of his career, he has covered two Super Bowls, baseball playoffs and the World Series, baseball all-star games, the NBA, the NHL, auto racing, rodeos and canoe races. His greatest joy, however, has been meeting the people whose stories he shares.

J. Alexander Poulton
j_alexander_poulton Photo J. ALEXANDER POULTON is a writer, photographer and genuine sports enthusiast. He's even willing to admit he has ''called in sick'' during the broadcasts of major sports events so that he can get in as much viewing as possible. He has earned his BA in English literature and his graduate diploma in journalism.