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Florida Sports Trivia
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With the Sunshine State's legendary coaches, influential athletes and historical sporting achievements, it's no wonder Florida fans are so dedicated. Florida Sports Trivia highlights the interesting, fun and quirky facts that every sports fan should know:

* In 1964, in his first world championship fight held in Miami Beach, it took a young Cassius Marcellus Clay less than 20 minutes to prove the oddsmakers wrong and shake up the world

* The 1972 Miami Dolphins were the only team in pro football history to have gone undefeated en route to winning the Super Bowl

* When University of Florida medical researchers developed a sports drink aimed at improving athletic performance, they named it after the school's football team; Gatorade is now the number one sports energy drink

* Florida A&M football coach Jake Gaither retired with the highest winning percentage of any football coach in college history, even though his career was hampered by the racist laws of the pre-Civil Rights era

* Jacksonville's Nancy Hogshead became a nationally ranked swimmer at 14 and went on to win three Olympic gold medals, earn a law degree and become a leading advocate for gender equity in school sports.

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