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California Sports Trivia

Raul Guisado
raul_guisado Photo RAUL GUISADO lives in Northern California, where he works as a sports performance coach for athletes at the NCAA, Olympic and professional levels. He was the World Cup and Olympic coach for the U.S. ski team from 1995 to 1998 and has coached athletes who have competed in the last four Winter Olympic Games. In addition to co-authoring a surf travel guide, he has written two books, The Art of Surfing and Cross-Training for Endurance Athletes. He lives with his wife, Kendra, and son, Dylan.

J. Alexander Poulton
j_alexander_poulton Photo J. ALEXANDER POULTON is a writer, photographer and genuine sports enthusiast. He's even willing to admit he has ''called in sick'' during the broadcasts of major sports events so that he can get in as much viewing as possible. He has earned his BA in English literature and his graduate diploma in journalism.