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Colorado Sports Trivia
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Known for more than just the Rocky Mountains, the gold rush and winter tourists, Colorado is a haven for athletes and sports teams that make waves in the sports world:

* Carlos Gonzalez earned his first National League batting championship in 2010 with a .336 batting average; it was the seventh batting title in 18 years of franchise history

* Steamboat Springs has produced a total of 79 Winter Olympians representing 11 different countries at 17 Winter Olympic Games from 1932 to 2010, the most of any town or city in North America

* On October 6, 1990, with no time remaining, the University of Colorado Buffaloes scored the game-winning touchdown over the University of Missouri after a strange referee error gave the Buffs a fifth down; the Buffaloes went on to win the National Championship

* Vail Ski Resort, the second largest ski resort in North America, was built because the United States Military held World War II training exercises for the Tenth Mountain Division in the area during the 1940s

* The Colorado Avalanche is the only team in NHL history to have won the Stanley Cup in its first year after being relocated; the team went on to win eight division championships and went to the playoffs 10 times in their first 10 seasons

* Bill Demong, Johnny Spillane and Todd Lodwick from Steamboat Springs earned the U.S. its first-ever medal in Nordic combined at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and Americans won medals in every Nordic combined event held at those Games.

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