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Bathroom Book of Canadian Quotes
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Bathroom Book of Canadian Quotes Cover
We all love to have the perfect phrase for the perfect moment. As Goldwyn Smith once said, "Nothing can stand against a really resolute quoter." Find some of the greatest, funniest and most memorable words spoken by Canadians in this easy-to-use collection.
•I just am a Canadian. It is not a thing which you can escape from. It is like having blue eyes. –Robertson Davies
•What we do should have a Canadian character. Nobody looks his best in somebody else’s clothes. –Vincent Massey
•The beginning of Canadian cultural nationalism was not "Am I really that oppressed?" but "Am I really that boring?" –Margaret Atwood
•Most Americans don't understand Canadian political parties. Neither do most Canadians. –Eric Nicol
•Where Canadians got the monotone that you’re listening to now I don’t know - probably from the Canada goose. –Northrup Frye,
•I didn’t know at first that there were two languages in Canada. I just thought that there was one way to speak to my father and another to speak to my mother. –Louis St. Laurent
•Canada is a country whose main exports are hockey players and cold fronts. Our main imports are baseball players and acid rain. –Pierre Trudeau
•Hudson’s Bay is certainly a country that Sinbad the Sailor never saw, as he makes no mention of mosquitoes. –David Thompson
•The Americans are our best friends whether we like it or not. –Robert Thomson
•If some countries have too much history, we have too much geography. –William Lyon MacKenzie King.
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