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Weird Canada Box Set
Weird Canadian Places, Weird Canadian Laws,Weird Canadian Words

Dan de Figueiredo
dan_de_figueiredo Photo DAN de FIGUEIREDO has been a journalist, television writer, filmmaker and playwright. After earning his BA in political science at McMaster University, Dan earned a journalism degree from Ryerson. In TV, he has written for the Canadian edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, TimeChase, Inside the Box, Cooler Facts and Cash Cab, and has been producer of Reach for the Top. He is currently a freelance television writer, producer and researcher. Dan has also written a number of plays and several independent films.

Lisa Wojna
lisa_wojna Photo LISA WOJNA is the co-author of 16 trivia books, as well as being the sole author of 18 other non-fiction titles. She has worked in the community newspaper industry as a writer and journalist and has traveled all over the world. Although writing and photography have been a central part of her life for as long as she can remember, itís the people behind the stories that are her motivation and give her the most fulfillment.

Edrick Thay
edrick_thay Photo Edrick Thay is the author of almost a dozen books. Born in Edmonton, he holds a degree in English literature from Queen's University in Ontario and a master's degree in journalism from Indiana University. An avid traveler and reader, he currently lives in Toronto. An avid traveler and reader, he longs one day to write from a loft in New York City. In the meantime, he busies himself with expanding his CD collection, improving his skills in the kitchen and finding inspiration in the works of Lahiri, Chabon and Murakami.