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Ontario Trivia Box Set
Bathroom Book of Ontario Trivia,Bathroom Book of Ontario History,Weird Ontario Places

Dan de Figueiredo
dan_de_figueiredo Photo DAN de FIGUEIREDO has been a journalist, television writer, filmmaker and playwright. After earning his BA in political science at McMaster University, Dan earned a journalism degree from Ryerson. In TV, he has written for the Canadian edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, TimeChase, Inside the Box, Cooler Facts and Cash Cab, and has been producer of Reach for the Top. He is currently a freelance television writer, producer and researcher. Dan has also written a number of plays and several independent films.

Rene Biberstein
rene_biberstein Photo Renť Biberstein was born in Toronto and spent part of his childhood in Switzerland. He studied journalism at Concordia University and won the Concordia Media Award. From his experience as editor-in-chief of Concordia's student paper, he went on to freelance for publications including Toronto's Now magazine, the Montreal Mirror, Tart, and the Globe and Mail Online Edition. Author of the Bathroom Book of Ontario Trivia and Bathroom Book of Ontario History, Rene is fascinated by the way places affect people's lives.