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Weird Canadian Laws
Strange, Bizarre, Wacky & Absurd
by Lisa Wojna
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Weird Canadian Laws Cover
If you can imagine it, somewhere there's probably a law against it. Laugh out loud over some of Canada's strangest laws -- but not too loudly, or you might get a ticket:

* Until 2002 in BC, you couldn't stand up while having a drink in a restaurant
* In Halifax, cabbies are required to wear socks
* You're not allowed to dogsled on the sidewalks in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
* In Ponoka, Alberta, donít build a mud hut or a house with a straw roof
* Don't let your Canadian flag snap in the wind in Collingwood, Ontario
* Coloured margarine is illegal in Quebec
* Don't leave a trail of nails, tacks or glass behind you when you walk down the streets of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
* Clear sodas are not allowed to contain caffeine in Canada.

Plus more outdated, outmoded or just plain outlandish laws from throughout Canada.

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