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Bathroom Book of Michigan Trivia
Weird, Wacky and Wild

Brian Hudson
brian_hudson Photo BRIAN HUDSON was born and raised in “Downriver,” the suburbs along the Detroit River, and earned both his bachelors and masters degrees in English language and literature at Central Michigan University. Writing is one of his greatest loves, second only to his wife and son. He has published several articles and contributed to two books of state trivia and research information. When he’s not writing or busy working as the director of learning support services at Baker College of Auburn Hills, Brian enjoys reading, movies, tabletop games and live theatre.

Andrew Fleming
andrew_fleming Photo The adventurous type, Andrew Fleming is a scuba diver, ski patroller, and whitewater rafting and kayaking guide. He is also a contributing editor for Adbusters magazine and a freelance writer for the Globe and Mail, Vice, Nerve, Paddler, and many other publications. Since getting his BA in English literature from McGill University, he has also studied film at Vancouver Film School and worked as an actor and stagehand. Andrew currently lives in Vancouver. He has written one other book for Blue Bike Books: Bathroom Book of BC Trivia.