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Bugs vs Humans
Bugs vs Humans Cover
Yikes! Spiders! Mites on my eyelashes? Some bugs are harmless, some are just gross and some are downright scary!

* Human follicle mites live on the skin of our eyelashes, eyebrows and nose

* The insect population of Earth is estimated to be 10,000,000,000,000,000,000; insects outnumber humans 1,492,000,000 to one

* Fleas are to blame for spreading many diseases, including the famous Black Plague

* The lowly mosquito is responsible for no less than 1.5 million human deaths per year

* In order to match the jump of a froghopper, a human would need to jump 216 meters high

* Watch out when you kill a wasp or an army ant -- the dying bug releases an attack pheromone that alerts its sisters, and a raiding party can number 500,000

* When Human botfly larvae burrow under your skin, the remedy is to block the air hole with tape or petroleum jelly to asphyxiate the larvae

* When ticks gorge themselves on human blood, they can increase 200 to 600 times their original weight -- it's like going for lunch and coming back weighing as much as an elephant!

And so much more...

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