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Weird Ontario Weather
Catastrophes, Ice Storms, Floods, Tornadoes and Hurricanes
Weird Ontario Weather Cover
Ontario weather is anything but boring. The province's history is filled with fascinating facts about the most extreme and curious weather stories. Here is an entertaining and informative journey through the high and lows of Ontario weather:

- Hurricane Hazel pounded Ontario in 1954, killing 81 people--35 on one street alone--and leaving thousands homeless
- The 1998 ice storm struck 57 communities, downing hundreds of transmission towers and leaving 1.5 million Ontario residents without power, some for almost a month
- November 9, 2005, was Ontario’s weirdest weather day--Windsor enjoyed 20°C, Ottawa endured freezing rain, Barrie got snow and Hamilton saw a rare off-season tornado
-The temperature in Toronto peaked at 41.1°C on July 10, 1936; 270 died from heat exhaustion
- On July 14, 1993, humidex values at Windsor soared above 50°C, the highest reported in Canada to date; residents flocked to beaches, movie theatres and places selling cold beer
- On the lightning hot-spot scale, the safest city in Ontario is Thunder Bay with a mere 36 strikes per square kilometre; Windsor and surrounding areas receive a fantastic 251 strikes per square kilometre.

Check out these wild weather facts and stories and so many more.

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