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What is Canada?
The Ultimate Canadian Quiz Book
What is Canada? Cover
Test your knowledge on Canadian quotes, history, words, emblems, holidays, language, sports, geography and so much more:

* In the language of the Inuit, what does Nunavut mean?
* Which Canadian province was the last to grant women the right to vote?
* Which former prime minister's signature sold for $7850 on eBay?
* What Canadian scientist won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?
* Which province holds an annual festival celebrating peat moss?
* In the 1981-82 season, which Edmonton Oiler scored 92 goals in 80 games?
* In 1925, American-born, Canadian manufacturer Gideon Sundback perfected what clothing fastener?
* What current sport has descended from what the Ojibwa called bagg'adowe?
* Which NHL player was dubbed ''The Babe Ruth of Hockey''?
* What university is named after the first bishop of Quebec?

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