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Canadian Baby Names
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Naming your child can be one of the biggest decisions of early parenting because whatever name you choose becomes the identity of your baby for life. With all the choices, it can be difficult to decide on a traditional name, a new-age name, a family name, a name inspired by celebrity or even a name that no one has ever heard of. One thing is certain: the possibilities are almost never-ending. Canadian Baby Names helps put a handle on what's in a name and highlights the interesting history behind the most popular names in Canada throughout the 20th and 21st centuries:

• The top Canadian baby names in 2007 were Emma for girls and Aiden for boys

• It has become common for women to give their unborn babies pet names; the most popular of these are Bean, Bebe and Bump

• Musician Bob Geldof has three daughters named Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Little Pixie

• One hundred years ago, the most popular names for girls and boys were Mary and John

• Fifty years ago, Mary remained the top choice for girls, while James placed first among most-used boys’ names

• Canada has seen a revival in more traditional names and some of the most popular in the country as of late are Sarah, Emily, Samuel, Thomas and Matthew

• Some more the more exotic names being used today include Morgandy, Naira and Jyoti for girls and Anwell, Fintan and Sivan for boys

• In 2005, one of the most popular girls’ names was Angelina, up to spot 43 from 304 in 1995.

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