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Weird Places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Humorous,Bizarre,Peculiar & Strange Locations & Attractions across the Provinces
Weird Places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba Cover
Entertaining and humorous, this book explores the truly peculiar places--natural and supernatural phenomena, bizarre roadside attractions and communities featuring odd customs, landmarks and just plain weirdness:

- Every spring, tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes emerge from their burrows and engage in frenzied mating rituals at the worldís largest snake dens near Narcisse, Manitoba- Saskatchewan is the Canadian hotspot for crop circle formations; the largest formation in the country, measuring a whopping 132 metres end to end, was discovered near Revenue, Saskatchewan- The most famous UFO sighting in Canada happened near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, where Stephen Michalak was badly burned when he touched a flying saucer
- Little Manitou Lake near Watrous, Saskatchewan, is saltier than the Dead Sea, which means that when youíre in for a dip, you canít help but float like a cork
- In the 19th century, Icelandic immigrants to Manitoba created the "Republic of New Iceland," which operated as a quasi-independent state within Canada for more than a decade
- During Prohibition, elaborate tunnels beneath Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, were used by bootleggers, rumrunners and some of North Americaís most notorious gangsters
- Manitoba and Saskatchewan are home to some of the continentís nuttiest roadside attractions, including: a trio of gigantic mushrooms, an enormous golf ball, a huge pair of underwear, a humongous loonie and a coffee pot big enough to hold 150,000 cups of java!

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