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Steve Cameron
steve_cameron Photo STEVE CAMERON Born and raised in small-town Ontario, most of Steve Cameron’s adult life has been spent trying to get to know beer better. His first sip was at 16, taking a swig from a wide-mouthed, squat bottle of Mickey’s Buzz Beer and then promptly running to the sink to spit it out. But Steve wanted to love beer, so slowly introduced himself to it, starting with Boomerang lemon malts, working his way to Moosehead—his first true favourite. Now Steve alternates beers with the season, preferring pumpkin ales in the fall and wheat beers in the summer. An avid sports fan and hockey player, Steve maintains there is nothing quite as refreshing after physical exertion as a good, crisp lager. He currently lives in Toronto with his girlfriend and plans to begin experimenting with his own homemade brews soon.