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Disasters of the Northwest
Stories of Courage & Chaos

Greg Oberst
greg_oberst Photo GREG OBERST was born and raised on the southern Oregon coast. It was at the University of Oregon that he discovered a love for writing. Now living in Covington, Washington, Greg has turned that passion into a living, writing and producing for radio, TV, print and the web, and along the way writing long-form stories and articles for a wide variety of local, regional and national publications.

Lisa Wojna
lisa_wojna Photo LISA WOJNA is the co-author of 16 trivia books, as well as being the sole author of 18 other non-fiction titles. She has worked in the community newspaper industry as a writer and journalist and has traveled all over the world. Although writing and photography have been a central part of her life for as long as she can remember, itís the people behind the stories that are her motivation and give her the most fulfillment.