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Canadian Security Intelligence Service
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The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was created to safeguard Canada's national security, but hot on the heels of its successes have come controversies and scandals. This book reflects an edgy sensitivity to the shadowy world of Canada's secret service:

-- Grant Bristow, a CSIS mole, operated within a white supremacy organization from 1988 to 1994; in that time he rose to the highest ranks of the group and was instrumental in the arrest and deportation of several high-profile racists

-- Operation Bricole was the illegal RCMP operation that prompted a royal commission and removed intelligence matters from the Mounties' hands, creating CSIS

-- When CSIS permitted Mahmoud Mohammed Issa Mohammad, a known terrorist, to immigrate to Canada, an embarrassed federal government and the RCMP quietly tried to remove him but couldn't avoid a scandal

-- Since the U.S.-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, CSIS agents have been questioning prisoners about potential threats to Canada

-- CSIS agents posing as diplomats interrogated Omar Khadr, a Canadian arrested in Afghanistan, at Guantanamo Bay; the Canadian government was later accused of violating international law

-- The Communications Security Establishment collaborates with CSIS to protect Canada's communications networks; it has been accused of illegally monitoring conversations of Canadian citizens and visiting heads of state

-- Canada's Anti-terrorism Act allows for citizens and permanent residents to be held without charge on suspicions of terrorism.

And many more stories of CSIS in Canada...

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