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A Woman's Guide to Fifty Shades of Canadian Men
by David MacLennan
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A Woman's Guide to Fifty Shades of Canadian Men Cover
Hey, ladies! Look no further for the perfect Canadian man! Find the big, brawny types or the smooth, sensitive types right here in their natural habitats, doing their favourite things:
• Le Séparatiste: Found deep in the heart of Québec, this man has a soul-consuming mission to convince 51 percent of the population that the province should be an independent country, leaving the English federalists out in the cold and keeping the hot French ladies to himself.
• The Senior Leaguer: Down at the local rink, a grey-haired guy sits in a humid, smelly dressing room, putting on tattered equipment and holding on to a shred of his youth by knocking around other old guys’ creaky bones in a game of old-timers hockey.
• The BC Lumberjack: In the northern wilds of British Columbia, this manly man works all day making swift work of the colossal old-growth timbers with his trusty axe.

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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-926677-89-7
Page Count: 272
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