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Weird British Columbia Laws
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Weird British Columbia Laws Cover
British Columbians are well known for being a laid-back population, but you'd better mind your Ps and Qs, or you might be headed to jail. Read about these strange and wacky laws and more in Weird British Columbia Laws:

* From 1947 to 1986, it was illegal to sell stoves on a Wednesday in Vancouver

* Kelowna once permitted nude bathing in any public waters, but only between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am

* In Port Coquitlam, it is against the law to own more than four pet rats or to allow your cattle to roam the streets

* It was illegal to sell margarine in BC from 1879 until 1949

* Voters in Smithers have passed a referendum declaring their town a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

* One of Esquimalt's first bylaws prohibited the throwing of snowballs within city limits

* From 1916 until 1977, you couldn't buy any booze on Election Day in British Columbia

* An Oak Bay bylaw requires its residents to keep their noisy parrots quiet

* At 2:00 am on January 1, 1922, BC citizens had to switch from driving on the left side of the road to driving on the right side.

And so much moreÖ

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