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Canada's Biggest, Smallest, Fastest, Strongest
Canada's Biggest, Smallest, Fastest, Strongest Cover
Canada and Canadians are sometimes perceived to be so unassuming as to be downright boring. Nothing could be further from the truth, as this collection of amazing Canadian records and accomplishments proves:

- The world’s heaviest bluefin tuna was caught just off the shores of Nova Scotia, weighing an astonishing 1496 pounds and standing almost as tall as two grown men

- The world’s smallest submarine was built by Canadian Pierre Poulin and weighs only 620 kilograms; by comparison, an average U.S. navy submarine weighs almost 30,242 times as much

- Canadian Doug Pruden holds the world record for the most push-ups using the back of the hands--575 pushups in 15 minutes and 1045 pushups in 30 minutes

- In 1879, Canadian Anna Bates gave birth to the world’s heaviest newborn; tipping the scales at 10.8 kilograms--three times the average weight of a baby

- Located 351 metres above the ground and capable of holding 9000 bottles of wine, the CN Tower in Toronto is the world’s highest wine cellar

- The most expensive natural disaster to hit Canada was a hailstorm that hit Calgary, Alberta in 1991, causing over $400 million in damage

- In addition to being a national symbol, the beaver is also the largest rodent in Canada.

And many more

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