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Bizarre Canada
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...the freaky, the funny and the downright crazy!

Canada is rife with the weird, wacky and off-the-wall from sea to shining sea:

-- Besides ''Canada,'' a slew of strange names were seriously considered prior to Confederation -- New Britannia, Laurentia, Ursalia, Vesporia, Cabotia, Niagarentia -- but the most bizarre of all, Efisga

-- The outspoken Hockey Night in Canada commentator earned the nickname ''Hot Lips Don Cherry'' when he kissed NHLer Doug Gilmour during the playoffs

-- When Alberta's first provincial legislature needed an official mace in a hurry, they made one out of plumbing pipe, shaving mug handles and a toilet tank float, and then painted the whole thing gold

-- The world's largest carnivore coprolite -- that's fossilized dino turd -- was left behind by a Tyrannosaurus rex in Saskatchewan

-- In 1903, car licence plates in Ontario were made of patent leather

-- The practice of pie-ing someone in the face for comedic effect may have originated in Newfoundland by performer Doc Kelly after he witnessed a cook throwing a pie at a stable boy

-- Each year, the Pumpkin Festival in Windsor-Hants, Nova Scotia, includes a weigh-off and a Pumpkin Regatta, where dozens of pumpkin boats compete in a 500-metre race

-- Since 1925, over 265 reports of unexplained crop circle formations have been documented across Canada

-- Canadian snow apparently is very cool in Puerto Rico: the white stuff has been shipped 3200 miles south on three separate occasions over the past decade and was kept frosty in large refrigerated containers.

You'll find these and many more strange and wonderful tales between the covers of BIZARRE CANADA!

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