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Weird U.S. Laws
Strange, Bizarre, Wacky & Absurd
Weird U.S. Laws Cover
Curious what else you can and canít do across the continental U.S.? Donít even think about putting salt on a railroad track in Alabama, otherwise you could be arrested and sentenced to die. And, attention women in Tucson, Arizona: itís illegal for you to wear pants. What about those out there with a household rodent problem? If youíre in California you had better get a hunting license before you set that mousetrap. Oh, and by the way, any intellectuals in Hartford, Connecticut, can think twice about educating their dogs because to do so is against the law. And, be warned unmarried women of Florida--you could face jail time if you decide to go parachuting on a Sunday. Read about more of these strange and wacky laws in Weird U.S. Laws!

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Page Count: 224
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