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Best Garden Plants for New York State

Maria Cinque
maria_cinque Photo MARIA CINQUE is a lawn and garden expert and president of Cinque Associates Limited, a horticultural and environmental communications company. The Long Island-based garden guru shares her expertise with millions of people through television appearances, radio interviews and print and web communications. Maria was one of the first female Agricultural Extension Agents/Specialists in the United States. She has an Associates Degree from Farmingdale State University of New York and Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Plant Pathology/Horticulture from the University of Georgia.

Alison Beck
alison_beck Photo ALISON BECK has been gardening since she was a child. She has a diploma in Horticulture and a degree in Creative Writing. Alison is the coauthor of several best-selling gardening guides, and her books showcase her talent for practical advice and her passion for gardening.