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Gardening - General

Annuals for the Plains and Prairies (Paperback)
Bedding Plants — Questions & Answers Volume I (Paperback)
Bulbs — Questions & Answers Volume VI (Paperback)
Create an Impression (Paperback)
Creating the Prairie Xeriscape (Paperback)
Garden for Life (Paperback)
Herbs and Edible Flowers (Paperback)
Hole's Dictionary of Hardy Perennials (Hardback)
I'll Never Marry a Farmer (Hardback)
Lois Hole's Bedding Plant Favorites (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Favorite Bulbs (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Favorite Trees and Shrubs (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Flowers Box Set (Quantity pack)
Lois Hole's Gardener Box Set (Quantity pack)
Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Rose Favorites (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Tomato Favorites (Paperback)
Lois Hole's Vegetable Favorites (Paperback)
Northern Balcony Gardening (Paperback)
Perennials — Questions & Answers Volume III (Paperback)
Roses — Questions & Answers Volume II (Paperback)
Roses (Paperback)
Roses for Northern Gardeners (Paperback)
Trees and Shrubs — Questions & Answers Volume V (Paperback)
Vegetables — Questions & Answers Volume IV (Paperback)
Weeds of the Northern U.S. and Canada (Paperback)
What Grows Here? Indoors — Volume IV (Paperback)
What Grows Here? Locations — Volume I (Paperback)
What Grows Here? Problems — Volume II (Paperback)
What Grows Here? Solutions — Volume III (Paperback)