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History & Biography - Canadian History

Alberta's Camelot (Paperback)
Alberta's Centennial (Paperback)
Alberta's Oil Patch (Paperback)
Alberta's Weekly Newspapers (Paperback)
Albertans, The — Revised (Paperback)
Bush Pilots (Paperback)
Canada in Space (Paperback)
Canada vs United States (Paperback)
Notorious Ontario (Paperback)
Canada's Most Wanted (Paperback)
Canadian Battles (Paperback)
Canadian Con Artists (Paperback)
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Hardback)
Canadian Wartime Prison Escapes (Paperback)
Canadians in the Battle of the Atlantic (Paperback)
Disasters of Atlantic Canada (Paperback)
Disasters of Ontario (Paperback)
Disasters of Western Canada (Paperback)
Gangs in Canada (Paperback)
Gangs in Canada (Hardback)
How the Blacks Created Canada (Paperback)
How the Italians Created Canada (Paperback)
How the Scots Created Canada (Paperback)
Kootenai Brown (Paperback)
Mobsters and Rumrunners of Canada (Paperback)
Mounties March West, The (Paperback)
Outlaws of the Canadian West (Paperback)
Signal War,A (Paperback)
True Crime Canada Box Set (Quantity pack)
Unsolved Murders of Canada (Paperback)
Who Killed the Avro Arrow? (Paperback)